Supermarkets and Convenience Stores


Invite customers to buy related or complementary items (cross selling).


Encourage your customers to buy alternative high-end products (Upselling).

Automated Marketing

Save time, money and hours of design, by publishing prices and promotions automatically from the point of sale system.


Mobirise Website Builder

Increase your average ticket, with cross-selling and upselling practices and at the same time control shifts.

Mobirise Website Builder
Special Sales

D-promos will make sure that your customers know your Specials and Sales. Is the best floor salesman you will ever have.

Mobirise Website Builder
Additional Income

Obtain extra money by taking advantage of the flow of costumers in your business, to promote products online or even from third parties.

Financial Centers

Mobile Business

No matter that your business is moving, you will always know if your advertising is running and entertaining your customers.

Get your Customer Involve

Optimize your human
resource and reduce customer response times by preparing them before being served.

Financial Centers

Control shifts of your waiting customers and the allocation of boxes, while promoting additional products.

Lots of Posibilities / The sky is the limit / Infinity of Options 

D-promos will get you the Marteking result you want, in every business or store that
has customer waiting areas (lines or waiting rooms).

About Us

Digital platform that turns TV or LED screens into the most powerful marketing tool in the sales and customer service areas of your business.

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