Know all the advantages that D-PROMOS offers you

Dispositivo Plug
and Play

Connect your devices and enable your screens without complications.

Remote update and
Centralized Monitoring

Control and monitor your screens from any device.

Online Mode &

With D-Promos, you are not affected by the intermittence or interruption of the internet.

Plug and Play Solution


Create your D-Promos account

Choose the most suitable Plan for the operation of your business.

Connect your device 

Choose the HDMI port of your screen, connect the device and go.

Activate device

Set up your screen in your D-Promos account.

All set, enjoy the best on-site marketing tool

Increase sales, improve your reviews, reduce customer service costs.
About Us

Digital platform that turns TV or LED screens into the most powerful marketing tool in the sales and customer service areas of your business.

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