D-promos turns screens into the best on-site marketing tool you can have

Increase sales, reduce costs and improve the experience
of the customer in the waiting areas of your business.

Increase your Sales

By ensuring that your customers know about your promotions and new product launches. 

Generate Extra Income

Cross-selling of complementary products or services, which you may not even have on site.

Entertain your customers 

Less anxious customers, generating the perception of shorter waiting times.

Enhance the experience

Convenient, integrated and entertaining on-site experiences generate better reviews.

All the audiovisual power
to increase your sales.

D-Promos is a platform created to make the most of the "Time of Permanence", turning each visitor into new income opportunities.
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Strategically designed to impact the conscious
and subconscious of your clients.


Impact the subconscious of your customers with offers, promotions and new product launches.

Taking advantage of each visit to increase brand recognition.

All the audiovisual power to increase your sales with promotional videos of your products or services.

Ideal space to be able to entertain your clients with endless possibilities

Hold the attention of your customers on screen, at the same time create the best shopping experience.

Creates the perception of shorter and more entertaining waiting times.

Benefits with D-PROMOS in your waiting room.

20% of waiting customers make additional purchases of your products or services.

Increase up to 400% your positioning
organic, taking advantage of your waiting customers.

Increase enrollment to loyalty
programs at not extra cost.

Take your Website to the store and sell 
even what you don´t have in stock on site. 

Redefine the shopping experience,
don´t lose sales due to long checkout lines.

Get to Know all the advantages that D-PROMOS offers you 

Plug and
Play Devices

Just by connecting a device, turn your TV screens into the Best On-Site Marketing Tool in just 2 minutes.

Remote Update and
Content Monitoring

Update the content on your screens from your mobile and receive instant notifications for inactivity or malfunction.

Modo Online &

With D-Promos, you are not affected by the intermittence or interruption of the internet, your content will always be displayed on your screens.


Mobirise Website Builder
"D-promos update our offers in 240 branches in 2 minutes easily from my cell phone."

Fiesta Insurance- USA

Mobirise Website Builder
"Now we do not lose sales, since D-PROMOS makes it easy for us, to have my screens always working."

Tire Outlet - California

Mobirise Website Builder
"Customer reviews have improved, thanks to controlling shifts and entertainment content."

Baja-Mex Financial Services-

Mobirise Website Builder
"Significant growth of 7% in additional sales in store by customers in the waiting room."

Pet Village-California

Customize your service with our available Add-Ons


69% of buyers say they have given a bad review, after waiting a long time to carry out an operation. The D-QUEUE Add-Ons helps you manage and reduce service times.

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75% of people follow a sports team,
We integrate the sports results
Add-ons on screen, it works as a spectator retention element on your screens.


For 40% of people it is important to know weather projections, in their
locality and in surrounding municipalities, this Add-on keeps the customer's interest on screen.

About Us

Digital platform that turns TV or LED screens into the most powerful marketing tool in the sales and customer service areas of your business.

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